Index for Arduino Microcontroller and PLC Education Materials

This page provides a table of contents for DigiKey’s TechForum education materials related to the Arduino microcontroller and the Opta Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Please bookmark this page and return often as it is under construction. Recommendations for additional content are welcomed.

What is an Arduino?

Arduino is an open-source hardware and software platform designed to provide an easy, low cost, yet high performance entry point into the world of microcontrollers. Arduino was pioneered nearly two decades ago by David Cuartielles, Gianluca Martino, Tom Igoe, David Mellis, and Massimo Banzi. For more information about Arduino and its relationship with education please see this DigiKey article. You will see that Arduino hardware with it’s easy to use programming interface has grown beyond the parent company.



Motion and Control

Arduino PORTENTA Pro

Arduino Opta PLC