How to create device that sounds alarm due to human presence


I want to create a device that triggers a sound alarm if it senses human presence (not motion but actual presence), and can be programmed to activate at only certain times of day on certain days of the week. eventually i want to have more options, like having “x” amount of minutes grace period before it triggers during the active time of day. just to name one.

How do i make this?? or, to save a LOT of time…does this already exist?

The D6T44L06 looks like a good place to start…but I have zero engineering/electrical experience

Thanks in advance!
Educational sites with videos that you can point me to would be great as well


Hi, you might research this board to get started. 1568-1818-ND
There are some links also under design resources to look over as well.


Thanks, Glenda :slight_smile: I tried to find information on how sensitive they are/how far they’ll detect but was unable to dig up anything. Do you know?


It does not really give a distance, just that the A PIR reading can vary from roughly -200 (no human present) to 1500 when a human is detected standing in front of a given channel, but it varies due to environmental factors and other heat sources in view. Ambient temperature and body heat would also make a difference. It is not going to detect from very far away as it uses the heat to sense presence.

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Hm, for my purposes I would need about a 6-12 foot sensitivity I would think


In the Hook-up Guide under hardware review they give a detection range of 3m so it would be close to your range.