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Hi guys,
I was sent here by an employee w the company.

I am designing a product and am looking for a type of sensor that will detect another object … i think i need something like a proximity sensory … this will be used for baseball training and i would like the sensor to be placed on the wall and when the tip of the baseball bat gets near the sensor on slow practice backswing it will make a noise or buzz when the tip of the baseball bat is say 2-3 inches away from the sensor - i want the noise so that the person training does not have to look back to see if they are in correct position – is a prox sensor what i need here>? i have been looking and had no luck … id like something like an all in one that makes a noise or buzzes but all i have seen so far are prox sensors by them selves with wires that need connected etc

Thanks in advance!

Hi, sounds like a neat project! The only type of an assembled sensor board we would have would be an evaluation board. Generally used to just evaluate the sensor for possible production applications . I have include a link to the ones we have in stock. You would need to go over the data sheets for each to know what they would be able to do. I am not sure any would have an alarm, but depending on the board, should be able to add something like a buzzer. Glenda

I dont think that is what i am lookning for but tx

Check out his article:

It has info on this sensor assembly.

This version is the same one sold by Adafruit.

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Hi PlaneTech,

We don’t have much for completed assemblies. Most of what we have would be sensors and microcontrollers/buzzers for programming and prototyping your own device.

Apart from Infra-Red, ultrasonic or capactive distance sensors like PaulHutch suggested another type of distance sensor that could be considered for this application would be Time of Flight ( ToF) sensors like VL53L1X from STMicroelectronics, example of which is a sensor breakout board from Sparkfun, Click here for manufacturer part number SEN-14722

These sensors are more accurate than traditional methods, like IR and Ultrasonic.

Devices like this would be used with a microcontroller like an Arduino and the manufacturer, Sparkfun is an educational development company so they would have some example code to get the part working quickly but it would be more difficult project for someone with limited microcontroller programming experience.

maybe this will help you Wireless Inductive Proximity Sensors | steute Technologies