I would like to build a counter using a sensor that detects metal and displays on a 3 digit display (can be more but only need 3). The sensor has to have a close sensing range (4mm) as other things will be going by not far away… The components don’t have to be high quality. Small diameter sensor if possible. What I need is someone to point out the components that will work together so I can make it.


For the sensor, I found some options shown in the below link.

However, I am sorry to say, I did not see a display that would directly take their output. The below link shows the examples of what I had found.

Would either of these be something along the lines of what you were looking for?

Thanks for the reply Nathan. I couldn’t find a match either so I did the Ebay and Amazon thing and found what I think will work. There are lots of magnetic sensor setups but magnetism is not my friend in this case. I found a PNP NO induction sensor and display with good connection diagrams for cheap and I will give that a try. The challenge is part of the fun. Stay Safe