Magnetic sensor required to sense a Vehicle

Hi! I am looking to prototype a new type of vehicle detection device that leverages a magnet sensor. Im anticipating the vehicle to be ~1’ - 2’ away from the sensor where I will place it on the curb of my sidewalk (rather than underneath the vehicle on the street). Any recommendations for this kind of project that is somewhat budget friendly?

Thanks in advance!


Take a look at this link to our magnetic sensors.

Thanks Karl!

Out of curiosity, would you happen to know if sensor with a higher range (e.g. +/- 5mT or higher) for what I am looking to do? I am a bit new to magnetic field sensors, but my understanding is that the lower the mT range, the more difficult it would be for the sensor to pick up changes in the magnetic field (which would be ideal for small specs like electronics, etc)?

Quite the opposite; sensors with a narrower range are generally more sensitive than their counterparts.

Unless the intent is to attach a magnet to all vehicles to be detected however, you’re likely not after a “magnetic sensor” but rather some sort of inductive proximity sensor. Most of these on offer for vehicle detection are designed to use a pavement-embedded loop, and insofar as the area of said loop plays a role in detection distance, these might not be optimal for above-ground application unless one is content with installing something perhaps the size of a yard sign.

There are a variety of ultrasonic sensors available that might be useful for applications of the sort, which might be worth considering.

Appreciate the info, clarification and suggestion Rick! Will def check these out.

I was weary of going the infrared route given the amount of elements that could interrupt the sensor, but the ultrasonic ones seem to be a bit more reliable (albeit not perfect - but then again what is?).