How to get display and wifi working on PICO-PI-IMX7

Hi all,

So I got Ubuntu 18.04 working (accessing through the serial console) on the Pico Pi IMX7 which is part of the Android Things starter kit by following this guide.

I have been trying to figure out how to get Wifi and/or the display working, and would love any help. The wifi chip is supposed to be a Broadcom BCM4339 and the display is the 800x600 one in the kit.

I’m fairly comfortable with my way around Linux, but don’t have much experience with drivers or hardware modules, so would be happy even if someone could point me in the right direction.


@catalyste, we are still trying to figure out the BCM4339/Pico PI IMX7 with mainline linux combination. Have they finally released a full schematic for this board?

I thought the lcd came up, last I checked it. Sadly my board is in the lab, so i can’t test it till monday.


Thanks for the reply! I don’t know if the schematic has been released though.

The lcd turns on and displays the bootloader splash screen but then stays on with just a black screen once it boots. Am I missing something?