PICO-PI-IMX7: Using later kernels since 5.6.x

Hey all,

I’ve been using the 5.6.x kernel on my IMX7 with much success; touchscreen, colour display, both CPU’s etc all working perfectly after following the wiki build instructions.

I’d used the 5.4.x build originally but changed to 5.6.x based on a message posted to this forum.

However, I still haven’t had any luck with the WiFi (AP6335 module with my board) and was wondering if it has been resolved in later kernel releases.

Is there a list somewhere showing what’s changed at each iteration until the current build of 5.11.x?

Also, has anyone any idea if I can use the camera module that ships with this board? It’s a CAM-OV5645 revision A1.

Hi @bampan, sorry personally haven’t had much luck with the AP6335 on this board… This is the firmware i’m borrowed from TechNexion, as they no longer host it on their download site…

I’m not sure if the Camera is supported on mainline yet…

Looking at NXP’s repo:

I see some patches we can test to see if we can get WiFi working on mainline…


Brilliant, thanks.

I’ll try the AP6335_4.2 WiFi stuff today.

I hadn’t really thought about the Bluetooth hardware (I see the folder in your github), so I’ll add that to the list of things to do/check.

When I initially got the androidthings kit the camera and WiFi were functional, so it’s become a bit of a personal challenge for me to get them working under Debian too.

Hi Robert,

I’ve managed to get the WiFi working perfectly, thank you. I used the AP6335_4.2 firmware and it’s running brilliantly.