NXP i.MX7, Microchip SAMA5D27 and Broadcomm BCM2837


I am revising a book, i.e. going through the motions/reading. I found in this book, there are particular SiP chips I am supposed to use. I am usually messing around w/ the BeagleBoard.org family set of boards. I wanted to try to create a couple of Linux Distros and learn some more after that idea takes place.

I have tried to compile and use u-boot before. I have failed many times. I just found a nice book w/ extensive, dedicated ideas to the Linux infrastructure.

NXP i.MX7, Microchip SAMA5D27 and Broadcomm BCM2837 are the three processors I “have” to use for this particular book. Does anyone have any experience processing on these chips?


P.S. I looked up the NXP i.MX7 chip so far. I have been displeased w/ the pricing of these chips on the boards that hold them. If you are working w/ some of these chips or only one of these chips, please reply and let me know of what boards are available. I sure could use some input.







The BCM2837 is just the Raspberry Pi:



Hello Sir,

Thank you for replying. I will get on it very soon. I noticed that the Rasp. Pi is available but I am skipping that section. I will look at DigiKey for i.mX7 boards and the Sama5d27 boards. Um, I saw there was an exact example on the eewiki for the Xplained Ultra.

I guess they had to move on from this board due to whatever. I actually found one of them on ebay.com. Ha.


P.S. Anyway, I am off to look up the boards you mentioned. Thank you.

The SAMA5D27 pretty much just works on mainline u-boot and the kernel, the eewiki page just works.

The NXP i.mx7ulp-evk is a newer board, so i don’t have a page on it yet. The wandboard branded i.mx7 variant has gone thru a couple variations for google’s android things project.



I picked up the newer board. It seemed cheaper. I will test things out.


P.S. I am putting 4.9 or 4.14 Linux on the imx7 WandBoard.org Board. The book should be a nice guide. Thank you again, sir.