PICO-PI-IMX7: Editing and Recovery/Linux 4.19.x


I recently got this board, as most of you know if you have looked on this forum, called a PICO-PI-IMX7 dev. board.


I want to erase the eMMC and start from scratch. I found from Tech Nexion that they have some predefined builds that I can or do not have to compile.


P.S. How can I erase the eMMC and start from scratch or how can I just start from scratch w/ that board? I am referring to this board b/c I still would like to use it (since I sunk $150.00 into it). Anyway, let a brother know what to do. If you have any input, get at me. Thank you again for your service. Oh and if you, @RobertCNelson, answers, I am starting over b/c the Tech Nexion people say that they have a “cure” for this WiFi issue w/ the board. I will test it in the future.

Hello Again,

Do not get me wrong. The board boots and works but the WiFi issue is still around for me.



Once you get to the “ums 0 umc 0” spot, you can use that to dd what-ever you want to the eMMC…


Let us know if you get something…

pico-imx7_pico-pi_ubuntu-18.04_sdcard-preview_QCA9377_lcd-800x480_20181127 doesn’t have working wifi…


Hello @RobertCNelson,

Sir…look to these sites:




I am going to try to use the AP6335 firmware for the WiFi chip I have onboard. Outside of that, they also said the I would have to compile the firmware on the first link but that the second link should just work.

I will test and get back to you and whomever else needs this info.


P.S. Thank you for replying. I will use the dd command once in the “ums 0 umc 0” spot. Thank you you again.

Didn’t we already try that here?


Me Again Sir,

I found that Ubuntu 18 LTS is not available for this WiFi chip (as far as I can tell). Anyway, I am new to the dd command.

I know we went over it in the instruction set on the PICO-PI-IMX7 on the Linux on ARM eewiki.

Is there a way to put the dd command into action to just apply the image file to the eMMC on the PICO-PI-IMX7?

If so, will you be so kind as to direct me to the correct way to doing it?


P.S. Send guidance if you have time.


I erased my partition on my PICO and now I cannot find it on my Dev. Machine when searching for it in /dev/.

Is there a workaround you know about when this happens?


P.S. Aw!

Yes, that is documented here:


after you run:

=> ums 0 mmc 0

You can dd directly to the eMMC…


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Re-Install: Start from the beginning: https://www.digikey.com/eewiki/display/linuxonarm/PICO-PI-IMX7


Yes Sir,

I did try to start over from the beginning. I will attempt it until I am blue in the face.


P.S. Thank you for your patience. I left this board alone for a bit and totally forgot the steps. Back to the old drawing board.


Sir…look here:

torx@forket:~$ {CC}gcc --version
{CC}gcc: command not found
torx@forket:~$ gcc --version
gcc (Ubuntu 7.4.0-1ubuntu1~18.04) 7.4.0
Copyright (C) 2017 Free Software Foundation, Inc. 

I am not sure how to get the CC on my desktop machine for compiling. I C & P the instructions and directions.


P.S. I think the cross compiler is not on my machine for some reason.

You skipped this section:




I followed those instructions. I used wget and then used tar and then I exported it.


P.S. Send guidance if you have time.

So did you open a “new” terminal, the export is only valid in the context of the current running shell/terminal window…


Hello Sir,

Probably. I will do it again. Sheesh. So much to learn.


P.S. Off to try again.

@RobertCNelson ,

I stay back and I stay trying do this: https://hub.mender.io/t/technexion-pico-imx7d-som/451

I need your help because technexion don’t more have paste Download here ftp://download.technexion.net/development_resources/Download/wifi_firmware/Broadcom/AP6335_4.2.tgz

And I need AP6335_4.2.tgz AND AP6212_4.2.tgz

Pls help-me

Looks like i archived these in my personal repo a few years back:



Sir, I am sorry. To this day and for some time now, I have been unable to help in this regards.

I sold my board, got rid of my records for the board, and I let go. Please forgive me.


Ok. I forgot u