How to identify whih solderless holders work with LED COB

I purchased some LED COB’s from Digikey 1621-PLL2087UNSR-ND. These are Cree CMT2850 LED’s.


The best technique I’ve found so far is to base one’s inquiry on the size of the CoB in question–the physical form factors tend to be fairly similar across different suppliers, and associations based on product/series names are not a thing that the industry has done well at maintaining.

TE’s application specification document 114-32208 is a helpful document; while it obviously only points to TE products, it seems that they’re fairly dominant in this particular niche so it may not be that big of a problem. Based on that and your mention of the CMT2850 series (a 28x28mm device) I’d suggest taking a look at P/N 6-2154874-3.