Cree XLamp “CXA 2540” Weight =?

Hi, in some early prototypes I am using CXA 2540 COBs.

I need to know how much an individual COB of this type weighs. I have looked at the product web page and datasheet but cannot seem to find this value.

Could you please provide that for me? Is this information available for other size COBs as well?

Hi @michael.armijo, welcome to the forum! Product weight is typically considered a Sales issue, so I recommend contacting them at for email, 1.800.344.4539 over the phone, or via chat on our website through the “Need Help?” button.

They will want a specific Digi-Key part number to look up, but for what it’s worth I believe that the weight will be the same across the series for these COBs for any given part number.

Will do, Thx Chris.

An approximation of product weight can be made from the datasheet dimensions and the density of the aluminum typically used as the substrate material, resulting in a figure of about 2 grams.

Thank you for the information.

FYI – just now rec’d the following from cree:

Hello Mike,
Thanks for contacting Cree LED.
The net weight of 1pcs CXA2540 is 2.7027g