LED Driver and COB replacement


I would like to request a little assistance in choosing some LED components. Replacing LED driver and chips that are wired in series. The existing driver is High Perfection model # LP1025-24-C1000. There are two LED Cobs Brand Lustrous part # NES110NWCOB. I believe these are approximately 5,000 Kelvin in color and around 800 lumens.

I would like to cross-reference the driver. I suspect that LP1025-24-C1000 will be close to LED25W-24-C1040-TE. Do you agree?

Next, I would like a recommendation for the LED Cob. Would CXA1512-0000-000F00M40E3 be useable? Better suggestion? Would there be a recommendation for a Molex type of holder to aid in mounting?


Yes, this would appear to be a reasonable substitution for many purposes.

Documentation for the referenced part number is not surfacing easily. For a 2x series configuration with the driver mentioned, a product having a Vf of 9+/-3v and rated forward current of approximately 1A or greater would be needed. These are products currently in stock which meet those criteria. The CXA1512 device mentioned would not be suitable for 2x series operation as indicated, but would be a candidate for use in a parallel configuration.

Availability of any holder/connector accessories would be dependent on the LED chosen and any mechanical limitations such as fastener spacing that are to be accommodated.