Identification of COB PCB from Soraa bulb

This is from a Soraa PAR 38 bullb and I have a number where the COB PCB is toast. As these are about $65/bulb(US) and they have an excellent housing hoping I can source replacement COB

18.5W 0.16A 2700K 930lm



Such items are typically produced as semi-custom sub-assemblies, and are not generally available for purchase separately as they are not considered to be user-replaceable.

It is conceivable however that one of these might just happen to fit mechanically and be compatible electrically with the existing drive electronics. Unfortunately there is no direct way to identify electrical requirements for a replacement emitter from the external electrical specifications of a lamp assembly as a whole; measurements made on a functional unit would likely be necessary.

Also, it’s not clear from the image that it’s the emitter which is faulty in this case; there’s a lot of excess flux that didn’t get cleaned off, but failure of the driver circuit is perhaps as likely, especially if one’s only getting ~50lm/watt out of a lamp compatible with typical PAR style fixtures.