How to locate a Samtec’s Part Number Breakdowns

There are a few ways to locate a Samtec part number breakdown. You can use Samtec’s search bar at the top of their website using the series name or use Samtec’s Configure You Product by selecting the series from the drop down. I will use Samtec’s TSM - .100” Surface Mount Terminal Strip

On the left of the page you can use the Configure a Part. You can pick the features you would like. The meaning of the lead style is not listed. You will need to use the Datasheet to assist you with picking the correct lead style.


From this screen you can check availability, generate a 3D model, request a sample, view the material declaration and other compliance information.

Samtec offers a variety of Design Tools on their Site Map at the bottom of their website.

3D Models
Material Declaration
Board Stacking Guide
Cross Reference
RF Solutionator®
AccliMate™ Solutionator®
Configure Your Product
Picture Search
High Speed Cable Builder
Application Tooling

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