How to safely remove relay from base

Electronic illiterate here:

How do I safely remove this Omron LY2 relay from it’s base? I don’t want to destroy anything, but I don’t see any locking mechanisms.

Hello @marshall, welcome to the forum! These sockets aren’t made with an special tabs or latches, and are marked by the manufacturer as push-pull fastening so you simply have to pull it straight out. Omron makes hold-down clips for these, but I’m not seeing one in this photo. If these were being held in that way there would be a fairly visible metal clip at the top.

Since this is mounted on a circuit board you’ll probably want to make sure the board is braced so that you don’t bend it or, if you’re able, hold the socket itself instead of the board when you’re pulling on the relay to remove it.

I assume they’re not coming out easily, so I wish I had more specific steps to give you but given the simplicity of the design there’s nothing for it but to use finesse.

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If you can get a prying device, like a screwdriver or similar in there, that might help to lift it without pulling on the soldered side of the socket.

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