‎ Lttlefuse holder 03455LS8HXLNP, stuck

This fuse holder has a bad feature whereby if the fuse blows and you remove it with its’ holder fixture then put the fixture back in without a fuse, it gets stuck with no means to withdraw it. This is the fourth time this has happened out in field. People are going to put that thing back in so they don’t lose it. Go ahead and try it yourself. You won’t be able to get it back out.
How can I remove it?

Hello Jaspit,

I agree, it would be almost impossible to remove, but it’s not meant to be put together without a fuse.
a couple examples that would not have that problem, would be 283-3365-ND, and 486-3640-ND.
To remove the original part, you may have to drill a small hole to get a wire hook in, or a small screw to grab onto it.

In the past I’ve had some luck using a screw-starter screwdriver to coax a holder cap like that back out. I get the starter to lock into the slot on the cap and while gently pulling backwards rotate the cap until it slips back out.