Fuse Holder mystery

I am trying to source a replacement for the illustrated fuse holder but am unable to find a match in my search efforts.

I appreciate in advance, all your help and consideration!

Do you have any measurements on that holder? Looks similar to WK6235-ND

Here are some similar options. https://www.digikey.com/short/47tcw0

so the red portion is a plug in fuse? I was thinking it was a screw off cap.

Yes they are usually plug in so if they need to be replaced (blown) they do not require you to solder in a replacement. You should be able to verify by simply removing the fuse.
Edit: It would look something like this

Cool info,
I am just receiving a photo from a user in the field so I don’t have measurements.

Now I need to identify this style of fuse that plugs in and get a replacement.
Do you know the fuse type?
Thank you for your help.

Outstanding, thank you for solving the mystery!
Much appreciated.

I believe this is the fuse from the markings. WK4957BK-ND