Need compatible fuse holder


I’m looking at this fuse: UMTW-5316-15A00-SMD-TT-SN-00

I need a compatible fuse holder, but I’m having trouble finding one of the right type and ratings. Can anyone suggest anything?


Greetings and apologies for the delayed response.

I’m not seeing any suitable holders for that form factor/rating either; the product is intended for permanent direct mounting to a PCB, rather than in a holder that facilitates user replacement.

There are number of SMT-style fuses sold pre-mounted in a holder/clip here, but none of these would appear to meet your electrical requirements.

If a user-replaceable fuse is needed, selecting one in a larger form factor may be your better option.

OK, thanks for the confirmation! I’ll see what else I can try, since user replacement is key to the application.

Assuming the ratings of the example device need to be matched/bettered, a 5x20mm form factor is likely the best bet since these are quite common. Use something rare and exotic, and folks will be tempted to substitute a wad of aluminum foil or something else equally inadvisable…