Compact fuse holder / circuit breaker with mounting holes?

I’m looking for a compact solution to protect a 20V DC, 20A circuit. I’m open to using fuses or circuit breakers of any style.

Ideally the holder would have mounting holes that would allow me to secure it to a flat plastic base-plate that I’m 3D printing to hold all of my parts.

I’ve done some searching but have not been able to find a satisfactory solution - most holders with mounting holes seem to be >3in long which is overkill for my application.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello @sanford78

2298-MRCBP-H-20C-ND might be a chassis mount option you can look at. It is not small but under 3 inches.

Another option might be just using a clip for a fuse and using the mount to attach your wire. Something like 486-3043-ND with a 20A fuse like 507-2123-ND


Here’s an additional type of 3AG fuse holder to consider:


Thanks! Super helpful