Help with Small Fuse in a Small Space

I’d like to put a fuse is a small place. It is a shell that houses a potted circuit board. I had to remove the potting to expose the board. There are some switched and ground connectors that are unused on the board that I would like to use to add lights to an electric bike. It will only be enough power to energize the relay on a coil. Then I plan on repotting everything and embed the fuse socket in the potting, but leave the top exposed for plug the fuse into. The potting in that area is about 1/2" thick.

I don’t intend to mound the socket to the board, I think the pins are not spaced right for that. I plan on just soldering a short length of wire to the legs. I many need to bend or shorten them. I am thinking that so just simplify things maybe I could use some jumper wires with pre-crimped female connectors on them. The pins on the socket are 1mm round. I know Arduino connectors are for square pins and the diagonal of the square pins would be about 1.5mm. I haven’t found anything for 1mm pins. I don’t know if it is because I am having trouble finding them, or maybe they don’t exist. Since I do plan on soldering these to the pins I can just squeeze them tight and solder them, but if there is something that fits better the whole thing is likely to work better.

I’m thinking a 500mA fuse would work for what I have in mind. I was originally thinking of one of the very short glass cylindrical automotive fuses would fit the space, but think the holder would fit well. A mini blade fuse and holder might work well, but it doesn’t appear that they make a 500mA version. So this is the best I could come up with. I could put a fuse on the wire after it comes out of the housing with the circuit board, buth then there would be a length of exposed wire that could potentially become damaged and ground out, etc and cause a problem ahead of the fuse.

Can you take a look at what I have in mind and let me know if the first two are compatible and if there are any pr-crimped jumper wires for 1mm round pins or any other suggestions you may have?


Littelfuse Inc.

Schurter Inc.

JMPR SYM-41T-P0.5A-SYF-41T-P0.5A

Hello TomM.

The fuse and fuse holder you’ve chosen should work well. As far as getting precrimped wires that will make a good fit, I don’t have a way to search by that and I’m not familiar enough with the sizes of crimped sockets that will work. I’d imagine most will make a good enough connection, especially if you’re planning on soldering them. You could also just solder wires directly to the holder pins and cover the exposed bits with some heatshrink.

Of course someone else in the community might more familiar with the sizes of crimped sockets.