CIE PTL-1 Fuse


Okay. The two PTL-2 fuses are taken care of.

Thanks to Verna and David.

The PTL-1 fuse seems to be a 1 1/8" long fuse.

Looks like for good reason.

A 1 1/4" seems to bottom out with spring loading.

Will post markings on existing fuse.


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Here are the markings on the β€˜short’ fuse.

JEF250V 1A

Do 1 1/8" fuses exist?

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do you mean Click here

Hi Robert


Those look like 1 1/4" fuses.

This fuse that came with the PLT-1 really is shorter than that.

It really does measure 1 1/8"

It is a better fit in the fuse holder too.

Swapped in 1 1/4" fuse and it did not feel good.

Did not know if cap was screwed all the way down or fuse was bottoming out.

Have a good evening


perhaps this may help Click Here

High quality fuse holders often have high pressure on the fuse contacts. This significantly increases long term reliability and lowers electrical resistance of the fuse circuit.

Lower pressure fuse holders will often require removal and reinsertion of the fuse every few years to keep the electrical resistance low.