I need a connector going from MM8030-2610RJ3 to SMA

I have the female MM8030-2610RJ3 connector on my PCB but I would like to have a wire going from the MM8030-2610RJ3 connector to a female SMA cable to complete S11 measurements. I was trying to look for the SWG standard male counterpart to the MM8030-2610RJ3 but it looks like the links keep suggesting to use U.FL (UMCC) Plug instead of the SWG. Is this correct? (e.g.,

Thank you for your help!

Hello Jproject,

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We have associated product with MM8030-2610RJ3 at the bottom of the page of this product.
One of those is part MXHQ87WA3000. This has SMA-J type connector on the other end.

Iā€™m not sure where you got the 17-2016694-2-ND part as associated with MM8030-2610RJ3 but this is not meant for SWG type receptacle.

Maybe you meant to look at this one 17-2408023-1-ND This one is SMA Jack to SWG plug much like MXHQ87WA3000.

Hope that helps.

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