Needed: SMA straight jack to N straight plug; Can't seem to find it

I’ve been struggling to find a cable:
SMA jack to N-type plug. On June 22 I ordered and received a very similar product: SMA plug to N-Type plug. The ordered parts are just fine. Meantime, I received a back-ordered pair of RP-SMA Xbees and they are also just fine.

My original design called for the parts I’ve received. The XBee’s changed that design since including them makes my project much easier and more efficient. The only thing I need is an RF cable with an SMA female connector (to match the XBee’s) and an N-Type connector on the other end.

I haven’t been able to find the necessary cable after two full days searching. Can you help.

Michael Allen

Hi Michael,

Would these work?

Heke, AsamaLab

Hello Michael,

If you want a RP-SMA with a female center contact, to a N-Type plug, Click here for the available options.
These range from 19.69 inches to 16.4 feet.
If you need a different connector, please post a picture of the connectors you want to connect up to.

Thanks again. With 70,000 plus choices it became overwhelming to choose the style I needed.

Yes, just what I was looking for! I must have focused on Amphenol and missed these.


Hi Mike,

If you have SMA male cables at hand, you could also consider using an adapter to change the gender.