Cabel and plugs for 4G LTE antenna

I bought a 4G LTE antenna for my caravan and I want to mount it outside. I need a new cable as the one I have now is not long enough. Also I would need to cut the plugs off in order to pull the cable thru.

I don’t have much technical specifications to go on but maybe I can get some help here. The cable is marked “LL58”. In addition to more cable (<6m / 20feet) I need cable to male connector and female-to-female SMA connector as I would need to splice two cables at some point.

Does DigiKey have this? I cant find “LL58” but what “RG” group is similar? Also some fitting SMA connectors


For the female SMA to female SMA are you just looking for an adapter with SMA on both ends? If so, take a look at this link.

For the cable to male connector, I am not sure what you are looking for. Are you looking for a male SMA on one end and no connector on the other end?

If it’s of any help we have SMA Jack to SMA Jack adapters that have O-Ring seals for sealing up panels, example PN:
132170-10 Amphenol RF | Connectors, Interconnects | DigiKey

I need a SMA plug (male) to attach to the cable and a couple of female-famale SMA connectors.

For the female-female I found these:

For the cable-male connectors, what can I use there? And do I need a tool?

And for the cable? I cant find anything “LL58”, but “RG” seems to be standard, is there a equivalent?

Do I understand that this is sold by the feet? So If I enter 32 units in the order I will get 32 feet as one cable?

50 ohm low loss

Aside from having appropriate connectors, using a cable with the correct characteristic impedance (50 ohms most likely) is the thing to look for. The “LL58” cable mentioned seems likely to be of the RG58 style.

Matching the choice of a connector part number to an appropriate cable style is needed, as 50 ohm coaxial cables can vary widely in size. Many user-applied coaxial connectors require a specialized crimp tool which can be costly. There are some such as P/N 132125 which can be applied without using such a tool however, which might be a good choice if only a few are needed.

And yes, the LMR-240 cable product mentioned is sold as a custom-length material; ordering Qty 32 will get you a 32-foot long length of product.

Hello @lars,

The Amphenol # LMR-240 would be sold by the Foot. The quantity ordered would be continuous.

As for the other question about the cable-male SMA plug, assuming for use with LMR-240 cable, please see link: In most of the options, you have to solder the center pin and crimp the outside ferrule. And, the crimp spec for the outside ferrule for the SMA plug is .255" hex. Any of these die sets can crimp that size hex. The hand tool is sold separately from the die and should be listed on the product page for the die set.