I'd like to inquire about the product

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I want to buy 2 of these products
It is stated here that you have inventory

We are a Korean company
Can this product be delivered to Korea if I pay for it? How long will it take again?

Parts that are in stock generally ship the same day.

Manufacturer lead time only applies if you need more than we currently have in stock.


I have a few more questions

1.you’r have BK9205-ND six products in stock?
2.Can you send me the estimate?
3.How long does it take to deliver if I order and deposit?
4.If I buy this product, will you guarantee a year of calibration?

I’ll be waiting for the reply
Thank you.

Hello @syjeon

I did talk to someone in our quote department and they will be sending you a quote for this part. They also said international shipping is typically 1-3 business days, however they cannot guarantee the shipping timeline because of customs.

As far as the warranty on the product and calibration that would come from manufacturer. I could check on those details if you would like.

I see the Datasheet says the warranty is 3 years, and the BK9205-ND unit should come with the Calibration Certificate. The Manufacturer does recommend a calibration interval of once per year to ensure that the power supply meets specifications.