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Quick question - will the Klein Tools CL390 Clamp Meter be available in the Netherlands?


Do you need to know if there is a local source within the Netherlands, or only if this product can be shipped there? I don’t see CL390 on our site at this time, so a purchase through Digi-key would start with a price quote sent to the supplier. However, we can ask for this shipping and/or sales information without starting a quote.

Either really, would just like to purchase one as it seems good for my needs. Looks very much like it’s an update pf the CL380, and that’s not on Klein’s website

I just confirmed with sales that 69445 can ship to the Netherlands.
If you have any more questions for sales they can be reached at orders@digikey.com

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Thanks. Can you give me a price on that?


I would like you to know that we have gone ahead and submitted a non-catalog order request on your behalf. Once we get back the necessary information from Klein Tools, a quote will be generated with minimum quantities, lead times, and pricing. That will be delivered to the email address that we have on file. You should see it within a week, give or take a few days.
I do hope this helps!

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Isn’t there another magnetic holder that has a strap?

Thanks for that. Awaiting the update.

Sorry delay the delay.
PN 69190-ND has a strap.Thank you for you patience.