Identification Power Chip

Good afternoon I am in the process of self teaching myself PCB Circuits and components I am stuck on try to find how to find an alternate or testing process for the following product cut and paste the link this seems to be the piece I am looking at on my board and do not know how to test it there are no markings on it. The project I have is a power adapter for LED Christmas Lights and there is no power I have tested the capacitors and them seem to be fine. I also have I think its called a transformer with no markings on it but a 1

3 in each corner
Thanks for your help let me know if I am in the right place to post this.
Thank you

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Unfortunately without part markings I cannot identify this one.

Good morning Karl if you click on the link (HOT ITEM) it will take you to the web site I do believe is the circuit Do you know how I would test this or find the value of it thanks for your help

The link takes me to a page that sells a LED power management chip that is only available in China. I don’t see any data sheets or circuit diagrams at the link.

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Hello Paul thanks for looking into it for me that is the only thing I could find that looked like the chip on the board. Would you know how to test it to see if it is good or bad

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Without a data sheet there is no way to help remotely.

If it was in my hands I’d reverse engineer the whole PCB if it’s worth $100.00US or more, otherwise I’d trash it.