Identify plug/socket and pin for socket. Also tooling

I have the pin we use in the plug (A106302-ND). The plug has D1200 on it and an (X) I think to identify the keying. This is a free hanging plug and socket 6 position, 2 rows. What I am looking for is the part numbers for the free hanging plug/socket, the pins for the socket, extraction tool, insertion tool, crimp tool for both plug/socket pins 22-28AWG.

If you scroll down the page for your female crimp contact Digi-Key PN: A106302-ND you’ll find the crimp tools and associated connector housings that would go with these pins.

The 6 position options we have for that crimp socket are Listed Here, TE PNs 1-1827864-3 and 2-1827864-3

You asked about mating parts and a corresponding pin, I only see options listed in TE Connectivity’s system that are board mounted, not crimp.

Click here for extraction tool TE Connectivity PN: 1891526-1

I don’t see that TE Connecitivity indicates an insertion tool is needed for that socket.