Identify these types of connectors

I’m looking for the identification of these connectors.
and maybe you know the type of these fuse holders?



The white/yellow connectors look similar to a few products described as “Multi-”, as in the TE Multi-Lock series, for example. There may be other brands.

I don’t know the exact part numbers on your board, but I can point out products like TE part number 171363-1 from the MIC (Multi-Interlock) series [click here ] and also 171457-1 from the same series: [click here ]. The Multi-Lock series is also similar as in part number 174931-1 [click here ].

For the MIC series, there is a type of tab used for the contact–an example would be 172777-1 [click here ]. There is a link to the drawing on that page.

You could compare dimensions from some of these to see if they match. The pitch of the contacts (distance between centers) should match, and the tab width. Any type of multi-lock connector housing is usually proprietary, so it has to match the exact partitions shown in the photo.

I didn’t find any matching fuse holders, yet. What item was this fuse/connector board pulled from?

Thanks for the connector examples and links. I compare dimensions of the datasheet and I think to buy some of them.

This fuse/connector board pulled from “New Holland 115” (2020 years) tractor which id 031033562.
Board CIAM ID - 1B020309 and on sticker is CODICE: 01170854

We are very grateful for your help.

I didn’t see that fuse holder on our site, so I looked for other sources based on your latest information. I think it’s possible to find replacements since there are after-market retailers for tractor parts, and they often have a schematic of certain sections–the fuse box, in this case. My search results always seemed to produce New Holland “TS115”, and I wasn’t sure if that was the same as “115”. After-market prices are always high, though, and it’s difficult to be sure of what is being sold since there’s often no supporting documentation or even a photo of the part outside of the schematic. I tried search phrases such as “New Holland Tractor Parts” and “New Holland 115 Fuse Box” plus other variations. Choosing “Images” from your browser menu will often show schematics that can lead to a retail site.

Another solution would be to see if you can find these holders as a spare/used part from a swap/sell site focused on tractors. The whole board (PCB) might be available, too.