Please help identifying 2 types of connectors

Hi I need a help with identifying 2 types of connectors.
I believe one with round pins is Tyco amp mate-n-lock but I don’t know what is the other one.
As a new member I’m limited to 3 pictures.

Hello tomasz.rhs1, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
The first one looks like a Mini-Universal Mate-N-Lok. Click here for A112668-ND.
I’m checking on the next one, but do you have the approximate spacing of the pins?

The second connector should be a Mini-Fit Jr connector. Click here for WM3704-ND. If you need the mating board mounted connector, Click here for WM3857-ND.
Please check the dimensions and the datasheets for compatibility to your application.

The pin spacing I meant, was the center-to-center spacing. The part number I offered is 4.20mm. The datasheet says the length is 0.874". So it appears to be the correct size.

Could you also help me with this connector.
This machine has 4 type of connectors in 1 control box.
The pins seems to be 0.084

The closest matches I found for these connectors are A1424-ND, and A1425-ND.
Please check the datasheet and drawings, to verify compatibility.
If these seem correct, you can find the contacts listed lower on the pages, under the Associated Product.