Identifying socket/connector part (with cable?)

Hello. Maybe a longshot, but I’m trying to identify this tiny socket and connector… and also find a flat cable that connects them. I want an extension cord for the camera built into an old tablet, a ZTE Trek 2 K88.

Any thoughts on how to search for the components in this? I don’t have a service manual.

I measured the pins on the connector side. It has two rows of 15 pins each. The pins are about 5.5mm wide in total. The rows are about 1 mm apart.

Thanks much for any thoughts.


This looks similar to the items shown in the below link.

Would you happen to know the center to center contact distance from one contact in a row to the next?
Also, would you know the height of the connector?


Hi Nathan, thanks. The contact distance and row length, I was trying to measure from the pin centers. I think my wording made that a little unclear. So the center-to-center between the two rows looks like 1mm.

The thickness of the full connector and board it’s on measures 1.06mm. The little board–which is hard to tell if it’s part of the connector or not–is about .36mm thick.



The 1253-145843030022829+CT-ND or the 1253-145804030050829+CT-ND
may be a match.
Click here to see the 1253-145843030022829+CT-ND and the 1253-145804030050829+CT-ND.

The difference between these is the center to center distance from one contact to the next in the same row. An example of this is highlighted below.

Thanks Nathan, I’ll check it out.