IF a MOSFET and PCB relay reflow soldered, can the PCB conditions be applied?


If a MOSFET relay and PCB relay will be mounted on a PCB by flow soldering, can the same conditions as PCB relays be applied?



The conditions are different from those for relays for PCB. Perform soldering based on the flow soldering in the Explanation.



Flow soldering conditions

The soldering conditions are as follows:

MOS FET relay

  • Preheating: 150°C max., 60 to 120 seconds
  • Soldering temperature: 260°C, within 10 seconds
  • If the recommended conditions are exceeded, the performance of the semiconductor used may deteriorate due to heat.
    Perform flow soldering within the recommended conditions.

PCB relay

  • Preheating: 110°C max., within 40 seconds
  • Soldering temperature: 260°C, within 5 seconds
  • Since the temperature and time required for PCB relay soldering are lower than those for MOS FET relay soldering, check the solderability of both relays under PCB relay conditions.
  • Flow soldering can be done only once.

For more information, see Common Precautions for All MOS FET Relays: Solder Mounting

For more information, see Safety Precautions for All Relays: 6-10 Automatic Mounting of Relays for PCBs.


Quick tips

Since the flow soldering is guaranteed only once, it is recommended to check the solderability before mass production.


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