I'm looking for this pogo pin product do not know what to search for in Digikey

Hello, I’m very new to electronics and I’m looking to buy a product similar to the one linked here as I need significantly fewer than this website’s minimum order requirement. High Temp Plastics Spring Loaded Pogo Pin Connector With Insulator Carrier I would be interested in both the vertical and right angle connection type with 3 pins and 2.54 mm spacing, but other spacing would be okay. For me, the important aspect is that the other end of the pogo pin is a flat surface. I’m looking to solder wires to the pogo pins, but glue the flat surface to the inner bite surface of a clamp to create a testing harness. I’ve already tried looking for the listed brand on Digi-key but was unable to find anything. Thank you if you can help!


3-position spring loaded rectangular connectors can be found here.

A search simply for “spring” brings the relevant product family in at #2 on the top results list