Import a schematic netlist into PADS Maker


Dear sir

Now I try to use PADS Maker tool.
I am beginner for PCB Layout.
Then, is it possible to import a schematic netlist generated by third party tool into PADS Maker?

Thank you.



You should be able to import. Use the Import command to import Maker Schematic projectname.dnf netlist files into your design.

Here is also a great link that helps explain.



Hi Robert

Thank you for your reply.
I did netlist import according to the procedure.
However tool shows some error because of my OrCAD library.
I will check it.

Thank you.



If you are unable to resolve this issue please let me know the error you are getting and I can have my team look into it.




If I can not resolve this problem, I will ask you again.
Thank you.