Importing libraries from PADS 9.x to PADS Maker Edition


I am considering to purchase newly offered PADS Maker Pro edition.

However, I have to make sure that I can use the previous library I had been using.

It consist of 4 types, .ld9, .ln9, .pd9, .pt9

How do I import those files to use schematic symbols and PCB symbols?

Thank you.

@ebeck Can you verify if this is the same as updaing from Designer 1.0 or would @Steve1234 need to follow a different process?

Thank You


I would suggest trying the free version, since the process for adding libraries is the same in the free version versus Pro.

That said, to answer your question there are 2 things that need to be addressed.

  1. Maker Layout adds libraries just like Standard Layout does, via the File->Library and click “Manage Lib. List”. From there Click Add… and browse to the library. If you have PADS, you may already be familiar with the process. I am able to add PADS decal/part libraries in .pd9, .pt9 formats just fine in Maker. Maker Schematic, (Designer) uses a different process from Layout, but the process is the same in both flows. That said, see point 2…
  2. This one has to do with the PADS Logic symbols (.ld9) that you are bringing up. Those files in particular are specific to PADS Logic, which we don’t use in the Maker flow. If you are using Logic, we don’t currently have a mechanism for bringing those symbols files in since we don’t use Logic as a schematic tool in the Maker flow.

I hope this information is helpful.

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I just looked at the schematic symbol for your 296-8214-5-nd gate. It is possible to use the symbol to wire a prototype but as an ex military service technician I would find it hard to follow the logic of a device using this symbol to fault isolate to the component level without knowing whether it is AND, NAND, NOR, OR or flip flop. I susect I put this comment in the wrong place, but do not yet see any other appropriate place for this comment.