PADS maker compatible With PADS Logic and PADS layout tools


Hello Sir,

PADS maker tools is compatible with PADS logic and PADS layout tools.


Hello @swapnali,
I’ll assume you are asking if these tools are compatible and if a user can port from one to the other.
Today for Maker Schematic moving into Logic we will have to wait and see if that is compatible from Mentor.
PADS Maker will be able to port into standard PADS Layout and xDX Designer.
If you are trying to move the other way that will be problematic because of the limitations in Maker and other functionality that is not in Maker.


Hello @swapnali,
Thank you for your interest in PADS Maker!
Based on responses from our colleagues at Mentor PADS Maker will not be able to port into PADS Logic. I hope that answers your questions on this subject. Let us know if you have any more question that we can answer.



In Pads maker schematic, i will not found save /save as options.
please can you help for same.


Hello @swapnali
There is an automatic save feature that periodically saves your work as you are working. It also automatically saves your project when you close your schematic. Please let me know if you have any further questions.



Hello @swapnali
Also if you are looking to copy a project like save as and rename, what you would do here is open a project and there should be an option in the File tab where you can copy a project. This will bring up a menu that will allow you to rename and even put the new project in a different directory. I hope we have answered all your questions around this topic, if not please feel free to ask us more. Thank you for your interest in PADS Maker.