iMX6 Sabre board: Ubuntu 16.04 build & kernal module issue



  1. Followed the instructions to build a Boot-able Ubuntu 16.04 SDcard image. The build goes fine & I choose a Ubuntu 16.04 file system. The build scripts tell me I have a kernel_version=4.9.92-armv7-rt-x6. I flash the A SDcard with the image and boot up my iMX6 Sabre Smart card. Login and type “uname -v” to ask for the kernel version and get this response: 4.9.39-armv7-rt-x4. What’s up with this ?

  2. I also built a Broadcom 4359 wifi driver using the same compiler and setup as the 16.04 image. All goes well and I get the a bcmdhd.ko file. Copy the file to the Sabre Board file system. When I try to load it on the Sabre board it fails.
    Load command: “sudo insmod /pathToFile/bcmdhd.ko”
    Response: “insmod ERROR: could not insert module /pathToFile/bcmdhd.ko: Invalid module format”
    A search of the net reveals that this ERROR usually means that the module was built with a different kernel source package than the system that is running.
    So what’s going on with this ?
    Is it related to the 4.9.92 vs 4.9.32 kernel version issue or something else?



Hi Jim,

After copying the newer kernel version, did you update the uname_r variable in /boot/uEnv.txt to point to your newer kernel?

Correct, retry insmod with the newer kernel version booted.



I followed the instructions to build a Boot-able Ubuntu 16.04 SDcard image. But no work. Any hint? Thanks.

export DISK=/dev/sdc    
sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=${DISK} bs=1M count=10    
sudo dd if=~/imx6q/u-boot/SPL of=${DISK} seek=1 bs=1k   
sudo dd if=~/imx6q/u-boot/u-boot.img of=${DISK} seek=69 bs=1k


@marvintien that’s just the boot-loader instructions.

Starting from the beginning, what is the exact board you are using? What kernel did you install? What do you see over the serial port?