INA126PA setting gain value

Hi so i was looking at the pinout for this device and i am little confused on to wire it up can my negative supply be ground my positive supply be 5 volts then have those also be the same inputs for my positive and negative input? I am also confused on what i am supposed to do with pins 1,8 and 5 if i want double my voltage from 5V to 10 V.

Instrumentation amplifiers are typically used to amplify small differential signals riding on large common-mode signals situated roughly near the midpoint of the inamp’s supplies. Ideally, the voltage at the output (relative to the REF pin) is is the difference between the two inputs, multiplied by the chosen gain factor.

Practically, that only happens when the voltages in question fall within certain limits due to internal saturation. Those limits are described in the datasheet, usually in the form of “diamond plots” and major manufacturers also provide some tools to address the question; TI’s is here.

If you’re interested in educational/reference materials on the subject, Analog Devices offers a very good resource here.