Indicating light with alarm

I need an LED indication light with an audible alarm.
I need one of good quality made in us, canada, or mexico.

Hello James,

Thank you for your inquiry. Would you be able to provide more information on what you need? I am not exactly sure what you are looking for. Are you looking for something like these?

Hi Maxivolt. Welcome!

Without more specificity, I can’t narrow it down too much, but in addition to what Rob links to, here are some more to consider.

There are a variety of options, including drive voltage (AC, DC, and magnitude), audio frequency, tone characteristics (continuous, fast, slow pulsing), sound pressure levels, mounting styles, etc. If you can better define what you prefer, we can help you select, if the link is insufficient.

Regarding origin, the PUI products are from the UK, whereas we would have to check any specific Mallory Sonalert product to know. Some, but not all of theirs are of US origin.