HI I have an Inductor that I am finding really hard to source online also from your store unfortunately i made two orders from you but not what i wanted . anyhow i would like

some help on if you carry the R33 INDUCTOR i will appreciate any help you offer.

Decoding Inductor Part Markings

Inductors like these are marked with three digit codes. These codes can be decoded using the following key:

The first two digits are significant (we use them as they are), then the third digit is considered a multiplier. This is how many zeros to add on to the end.

Example 123 = 12000

There are exceptions to this. When there is an R present (like in your image) then that is considered the decimal point. It takes the place of the multiplier.

Example R33 = 0.33
3R3 = 3.3

At this point care must be taken as different suppliers will use different units. One supplier could use Microhenries while another could use Millihenries. A judgment call my be required to choose the option that is most likely. Comparing what versions are available and most like the original part physically can help.

We can help if you need further assistance but we will need to know the physical size of the part on the board.


HI there thanks for your help but how do i proceed and measured or what tool to used to get the physical size of the Inductor.

It is not supper important what tool is used. We simply need you to measure the length, the width, and the height of the part. We prefer to work in millimeters but we can convert the unit of measure you choose to use.

If you need a tool for measuring we would recommend a Caliper but there are many other tools that will fulfil the function. I have included a link to some of the products available on our website.


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