Inductor track for dual phase single output Buck converter


I cannot find a demo board to refer if the Outputs for a Dual Phase single output buck converter like the LTC3868 has to have independent track leading to a common out or can the outputs from the inductors be merged and connected to a load ?

It would depend on the nature of the circuit in question. Given that the '3868 is essentially two separate converters operated out of phase, with separate feedback mechanisms, it’s probably best to keep the two phases separate until later in the interest of avoiding crosstalk. See p.28 of the datasheet for guidance on suggested layout.

I suppose that is for two different voltage outputs but the fact it senses current from both inductors is what i am a bit confused. Mine is more like that depicted in pg.38. The circuit in question is for a single out 8v 70A Buck converter. The current sense is from the inductor and not individual sense resistors.