Infineon FKSA1 suffix for SPW55N80C3FKSA1-ND

Looking at a Mosfets from Infineon Technologies, like SPW55N80C3FKSA1, what does the FKSA1 suffix mean?

The FKSA1 suffix is part of Infineon’s OPN (Orderable Part Number). Here is the breakdown:

F = Undefined for Hal Free, RoHS compliant, Totally Lead-Free.
K = Tube packaging - Non Dry
S = Package size <=10
A1 = The designator increments. (e.g. from A1 to A2) whenever a new SP number is set up that does not differ from a previous product in either Salesname or the first thee OPN suffix identifiers.

Click here for the Document with this information.