What's the suffix BOSA1 mean in Infineon FF600R12IE4BOSA1?


Looking to explain the additional suffixes that Infineon Technologies has added to their OPN (Orderable Part Number). These suffixes give more info about the parts, and does not change the part or it’s function.

The BOSA1 suffix in part number FF600R12IE4BOSA1 has the following call outs:

B = Not Hal Free, RoHS compliant, Not totally Lead-Free.
O = Tray packaging - Non Dry
S = Package size <=10
A1 = The designator increments. (e.g. from A1 to A2) whenever a new SP number is set up that does not differ from a previous product in either Salesname or the first thee OPN suffix identifiers.

Click here for the document with the suffix options.