Insertion/Removal tool for Harting D-Sub HD series

The D-Sub HD(High Density) Series connectors from HARTING is available in different numbers of contacts from 15-78. Their contacts will accommodate 24-26 AWG Wires.


The insertion / removal tool is 09990000513.

How to assemble crimp contacts with this tool
After crimping the stranded wire to the contact using a hand tool or automatic crimping device, insert the contact into the chamber with the tool, working from the wiring side. You will ­hear the contacts snap home and to check that they are ­securely in place, give the wire a gentle pull.

How to remove crimp contacts
Position the tool from the wiring side as shown in the diagram below and insert into the contact chamber. The contact can then easily be removed from the wiring side together with the wire itself and reinserted in a different chamber. The tool is designed for a maximum insulation diameter of Ø 1.7 mm.

image image