Hello everyone. I am trying to do spectrum analysis. I divided the project into various parts.
light source, sensor and software… I am thinking of doing spectrum analysis using near infrared sensor. These spectrum ranges look good for now. (1550-1950, 1750-2150, 1550-1850 nm).

Is there a suitable light source for these values?
How can I change the light wavelength to conduct spectrum analysis?
Should I change the light wavelength as analog? or should I change it by timing?

Thank you for your interest. Best regards.


Spectral analysis is commonly done by using a prism, diffraction grating, or similar optical apparatus to disperse light from a broad-band source in different directions depending on wavelength. The position of a sensor can then be varied to measure the intensity of light at different wavelengths. Because the sensor itself will have a sensitivity that is wavelength-dependent, and there may also be wavelength-dependent losses in the optical system or the environment in which the system operates, calibration of systems like this can become an interesting problem.

In terms of IR light sources, incandescent lamps may be a good option. They are said to approximate an ideal black body quite well, allowing a person to estimate output intensity as a function of wavelength using Planck’s law.