Is ICP I-7053 thes same as ADAM 4053

I have been using ADAM 4053 digital input modules for many years. Is the ICP I-7053 compatable with Adam 4053?

Hello Adam,

Thank you for contacting the Digi-Key Forum. I apologize about the delay on this response. The products appear to be functionally similar. Though it is highly unlikely that the ICP devices would work with the same Adam software. Both companies have their own software and utilities and drivers. They would most likely not work with the other company’s hardware.

It turns out they are not. The proper cross reference is to the M-7053, I ordered the wrong modules. ICP says they are not taking any returns. I have $400 worth of the wrong modules.


I am sorry. Can you send an e-mail to with your Salesorder number and we can do some checking with the Marketplace group on this. We can do some checking.