Need help with a obsolete item (Cross)

Hello all,
Looking to cross the following:

sorry for the long hyperlink. The muRata part number is 1155EA-0001=P3

Thank you in advance!

Hello MercBuyer, I took a look and I wasn’t able to come up with a satisfactory cross:

You may be looking at doing a revision of the footrpint to keep going on this, if you must have that unit I would highly reccomend taking advantage of the last time buy. Otherwise my best advice is to look at revising your footprint sooner rather than later.

A good starting point for alternatives could be these. I wasn’t able to hit your specs exactly but all of these are at a minimum smaller than your unit.

Thank you very much… They are close, but Engineering said we need to meet the spec a bit more.

Thank you for assisting! :blush: Have a great weekend.


Hi MercBuyer,

It looks like the Murata part was a dual coil type. Based on that, I found the following options to consider:

None of these have the same footprint, but their inductances are close and their other specs (current ratings, DC resistance) are all fairly close. Note that we give inductance, current, and DCr specs for series and parallel arrangements, rather than for just one of the coils, so at first glance, the numbers might not appear close, but they are.