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Hi there!
I’m considering purchase of PN#CM453232-102JL (Maker: Bouns).
Could you let me know if the below stock is authentic products purchased from Bouns?
If yes, do you have any evidence documents to certify that it is authentic products?

Thank you!

Hello @sales06,

DigiKey is an e-commerce entity. We pride ourselves on our inventory control system that provides real time status for each part.

With regards to the CM453232-102JL Bourns Inc. | Inductors, Coils, Chokes | DigiKey, at the time of this writing, over 39,000 units are in stock.

Likewise, DigiKey’s reputation is based on providing quality parts. Please see this document and this weblink for more information about DigiKey and its counterfeit control processes.

Please let us know if you require additional information.

West wishes,


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