Is there any development kit or board that can connect mobile phone through usb c cable?

I have an idea to read a DHT11 sensor through this development kit/board and make a c++ program to read and store the value inside the mobile phone. Thank you very much in advance.


Hi suryadi,

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Unfortunately, there is no board utilizing a DHT11 sensor which has a USB-C interface. All of the boards we carry with the DHT11 sensor on board just have connectors or pins to pass the power, ground, and the proprietary serial signal to a controller board, which would need to be programmed to decode that signal.

I would suggest, as an alternative, that you might consider trying the Sensirion SHT4X SMART GADGET. It uses a Sensirion SHT40 humidity and temperature sensor, and it can transmit it’s data via Bluetooth to either an Android or IOS-based phone.


Here’s the link to the user’s guide. And here’s the product page with more information about it.