Help to find - Micro Module with USB connection


Please help to find the board/module as on attached photo. This is for connecting of the TCRT5000 Infrared Tracking Probe, Tracing Sensor, LED bulbs.

I’m looking for some alternative to the one, I have on photo. Appreciate if someone can give me the reference to any similar board (with usb mini interface)



Would that board have further markings on the other side?
Would you know who manufactured that board?

Hi @Nathan_2268 and thanks for reply!

Unfortunately, I cannot provide the photo from the other side, but there are no marking at all. As well, no info about the manufacture or brand. I will try to get the photo from other side, but I’m quite sure that there will no signs.

The board I’m looking for, needs to have a USB connection and able to connect 2 of HiLetgo TCRT5000 modules (or similar) as per attached

Thanks and Best Regards


I would recommend looking at the item in the below link
These are the recommend design tools the manufacturer shows for the TCRT5000.

On that list is the SENSORXPLORER which is an adapter for the eval boards to connect via USB.
SENSORXPLORER Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey

Thanks a lot @Nathan_2268

I will check your suggestions and see if I can use one of these.

Best regards